Eddie James Bond was born in Memphis on July 1st 1933. He is influenced by the great country singers of the forties. He learn to play the guitar by reading a chord guide. Yet a teenager he plays in clubs around Memphis and he's trying to imitate his idols: Gene Autry, Ernest Tubb and Carl Smith. At his come from US Navy, The Stompers are created, with Reggie Young on lead guitar and Jimmy Smith on piano. Around 1952 the bands plays regulary in Memphis, and if we believe a photo showing them with a notice "Eddie Bond's Western Sing Band", plays Western Swing.
In 1954 Eddie's father product the Burnette Bros' first recording (released on VON). Eddie tries to find a productor then, and goes to SUN and METEOR where he records in 1955 two singles Hillbilly-Rock (Ekko 1015 and 1016) among which "Double Duty Loving" / "Talking Off The Wall" and "Love Make A Fool" / "Your Eyes". The band is now compounded by Reggie Young (guitar), Eral Logan (steel guitar), Jimmy Smith (piano), Tommy Potts (bass) and Johnnie Fine (drums). The result is suuperb. In 1955 he plays with Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley in the southern states and plays at the Louisiana Hayride.
In 1956, he records with his Stompers six great Rockabilly titles for Mercury: "I've Got A Woman" / "Rockin' Daddy" (Mercury 70826), "Slip Slip Slippin' In" / "Flip Flop Mama" (70882) and "Baby Baby Baby" / "Boppin' Bonnie" (70941). In October of 1956, Eddie plays at the Big D Jamboree in Dallas and becomes a regular of the Luoisiana Hayride in May 1957 leaving Mercury at the end of the year.
Now he records for lots of labels. I give you some exemples: "Boo Bop Da Caa Caa" (Stomper Time 1156 in 1959), "This Old Heart Of Mine" (United Southern Artists 106 in 1961), "Monkey And The Baboon" (Diplomat 8566 in 1964), "Here Comes The Train" (Memphis 115 in 1965) and "Juke Joint Johnny" (Tab 699 in 1969).
During this period, Johnny records several albums of Country songs: the famous "Eddie Bond Sings The Greatest Country Gospel Hits" released on Sam Phillips' second label (Phillips International 1980), a very rare disc recorded in Memphis in January of 1962 with a version of Hank Williams' "I Saw The Light". Eddie records another Country album in 1967 "Sings Country Hits From Down Home" (Millionaire 1618).
In 1973, Eddie who is the boss of the Finger Police in Tennessee, devotes an album to one of his friends, the Sheriff Bufford Pusser: "The Legend Of Bufford Pusser" (LP US Entreprise ENS-1038). Most of the songs are composed by Eddie. 40 years after being a king of Rockabilly, Eddie becomes a great Country & Western singer.

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