eddie01.jpgEddie Cochran was born on October 3rd 1938 in Oklahoma City. The main part of his works belongs to classical Rock'n'Roll ("Sumertime Blues", "C'mon Everybody", "Somethin' Else"...) but his two first singles recorded in 1955 with Hank Cochran and released under the name of The Cochran Borthers, are two authentic hillbillies with fiddle: "Mister Fiddle" / "Two Blue Singing Stars" (Ekko 1003) and "Guilty Conscience" / "Your Tomorrow Never Comes" (Ekko1005). The duo's third single ("Tired And Sleepy" / " "Fool's Paradise") yet anounces Eddie's futur style. Eddie records a splendid version of "Latch on" a great Rockabilly where he plays guitar and the second vocal.
Eddie is a great guitarist and plays magnificently with Jerry Capehart on "Heart Of A Fool" recorded on April 4th 1956. Eddie has lots of personnal ideas to stay in Hillbilly and in Rockabilly. That's why The Cohran Brothers is no more.
He died in a car crash near London on April 17th 1960.

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