maccurtis04.jpg 6koWesley Erwin Curtis was born on January 16th 1939 in Fort Worth, Texas. Leader of a little band, he plays with Bob Luman in 1955 and records some superb Rockabillies. He records himself "What'll Do" for Jim Shell. This title is released in the seventies by Ron Weiser (Rollin Rock 45029).
First singles of pure Rockabilly in 1956 with "If I Had Me A Woman" (King 4927) and "Grand Daddy's Rockin" (King 4949) two great titles with big vocal and crazy slap. These are fantastic too: "Say So", "Little Miss Linda", Just So You Call Me", "That Ain't Nothing but Rigth", "What You Want", "Half Hearted Love", "You Ain't Treatin' Me Rigth" and "Goose Bump". In the late fifties and in the early sixties, Mac works forthe productor Major Bill Smith. During this period he records "Somebody Help Me", "No", "Evil Doll" and "The Squirm" released in 1979 on a british label, Sonet SNTF 807. These are good titles of Rockabilly, but not as good as the others.
In the moddle sixties, Mac records country music, with his album "Sunshine Man" (Epic BN 26419) producted by Bill Sherrill with good takes of "Break My Mind", "I've Got A Tiger By The Tail" and "Little Ole Wine Drinker".
He comes back to Rockabilly in the early seventies with his album "Ruffabilly" (LP US Rollin Rock 002) with Ray Campi at the slappin bass. It contains good compositions: "Big D Woman", "Sidetrack Mama", "You Hurt Me", "Homdin' On" and "Amarillo Killer" and a tribute to Johnny Caroll (everybody thinks his dead!) with "Hot Rocks", Crazy, Crazy Lovin'" and "Wild Wild Women".

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