Singer of Hillbilly Boogie often close to rockabilly, Roy Hogsed publy the bulk of his opus at Capitol from 1948 to 1955. His most listenned title is "Shuffleboard Shuffle", recorded in 1951, (Capitol 1529) with slappin' bass and solo of accordion. I quote too "Roll'em Dice", close to the first recordings of Bill Haley, and the excelent "Let Your Pendulum Swing"(Capitol 1854) with electric guitar, hillbilly vocal and Western Swing rhythm. The accordion is not offensive to me, all is question of way of playing. His greatest titles are, in addition of those quoted before, "I Wish I Wuz" (Capitol 1721), "The Snake Dance Boogie" (1854), "Ain't A Bump In The Road" (2350), "Babies And Bacon" (2720), "Do You Call That A Sweetheart" (3007) and "Fishtail Boogie" (40120). I advice you this LP: "Let's Go Dancing" (Ranch Records 001).