Johnny Jano was an excellent rockabilly man born on September 14th 1933 at Eunice, Louisiana. In the middle fifties, he records for Eddie Shuler the wild "Mabel's Gone" (Goldband 1062). In 1957 with The Yellow Jacket Band he records "High Voltage" and "Oh Baby".
Next he records for Jay Miller some great Rockabillies: "Some Other Time", "Stop Look And Listen", "Have You Heard The World", "She's My Baby", "Rock And Roll Baby", "She's Mine", "Rockin' And Rollin", "I'd Make A Good Man For You" (medium rockabilly with syncopated vocal and good sax), "Rock Me Baby" and the fantastic "Havin' A Whole Lotta Fun". All these titles can be found since 1977 on the LP "King Of Louisiana Rockabilly" Flyrigth 531.
Johnny, disc jockey, work until his death on the radio (KLVI Texas) and often plays in local clubs. He died by heart attack in 1984 at 50.